Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 1 - Start of a new journey!

Hello everyone! :)

So... I did mean to make a first post yesterday, but truth be told, I fell asleep. I guess my last meal made me really sleepy! For those who are curious what I ate as my last meal... it was artichoke and almond pesto on spelt noodles. Yum! :)

Yesterday was also the "get all the produce I need for the week" day. I managed to get some CHEAP coconuts (I'm allowed to drink coconut water) in Chinatown. I'm told the young coconuts arrive tomorrow. I'll be going to Chinatown on Wednesday to pick some of those up. Funny enough, the hardest thing to find were the Mason jars I needed to make my juices portable. I now am the proud owner of 12 Mason jars.

In any case... today is day 1 of my juice feasting journey. Over the next 92 days, I will only be ingesting solids. My juice feast will end on April 15th. Juice feasting is not a form of fasting. I'm supposed to drink 1 gallon+ of juice each day. In addition to this, there are numerous supplements I must take to enhance the detoxification process and ensure my basic daily dietary needs are met. Over the course of this juice feast, I will be providing my body with an incredible amount of easily assimilated nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Also, my body will be able to focus more on detoxification and regeneration during this "break" from digesting solids.

I'm really not doing this for weight loss (though a few pounds off would be nice!). I'm really focused on detoxifying my body and using this as a transition to a better diet. I have been vegan for 8 years. Now, most people would assume that's quite healthy... and it is! However, there still are TONS of processed foods that are vegan that I've indulged in. I think it's time to just... start over! Whether I go raw or just stay vegan after the feast... I'll decide that on day 92! :)

Today I had:

1L water + lemon and MSM
1L celery/spinach/romaine lettuce juice
1L Pineapple/melon/cucumber juice
500ml Water
1L Beet/Grapefruit/Parsley juice + hempseed oil
1L Carrot/pear...something else juice (I forget... I made this at 5am!)
The water of 1 coconut + kelp and spirulina
1tbsp bee pollen (gross! tastes like what barns smell like!)

Current weight: 169.4lbs

I had to make all the juices with my Samson juicer this morning. I was hoping to make my morning green juice with the Vitamix... but I forgot to buy nut milk bags. These are a wee bit harder to find than I imagined. I'm going to have to investigate if I can find these locally. Sigh. But the Samson juicer is really cool though! Just a wee bit time consuming!

I did all the other fun stuff one would normally do while juice feasting: skin brushing, contrast showers, enemas... fun fun!

In terms of how my body has reacted to it so far... Well this morning was great until about 10am... and then my stomach started hurting a bit... that went away 30 minutes later after I drank some water. The pineapple juice gave me a real jolt that helped me get through the rest of the day. I felt absolutely normal... I was ran through the building at one point and felt great! I walk to work daily so that's my usual exercise. Fun fun!

Tonight I have to do some yoga though! :) Yay!

That's it for me :)

- Ben

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